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No One Wants to See A BA Naked Hints/Hauls

Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by biglobo8971, May 22, 2012.

  1. I'm stoked to see the pics of everyone's t-shirts. Especially you Gene!
  2. BigGene

    BigGene Initiate (0) Florida Oct 30, 2010

    Great someone is making a Shirt for me out of a Brewery Flag.
  3. phillybeer7779

    phillybeer7779 Savant (310) Pennsylvania May 31, 2010 Verified

    Mine will be going pretty far to the west.
  4. buffs9

    buffs9 Savant (495) Colorado Apr 28, 2008 Verified

    My target's wants list is quite different from my own, but I'll do my best. I checked other wants lists to make sure this wasn't too obvious and there are some people I need to trade with.
  5. The worst aspect of this hints thread is I'm not sending mine until the very end bc I need to visit a certain brewery for the growlers...so, sorry to my target now BUT you'll good things come to those who wait ;)
  6. Sender

    Sender Initiate (0) Minnesota Sep 19, 2010

    Thanks for the update Josh. ;)
  7. Did you go to the same school as me? ;)
  8. huadog

    huadog Savant (385) California May 13, 2009 Verified

    WHY AM I NOT IN THIS BIF?! :oops:
  9. I think sender was trying to make a joke since we were led to believe there was a male Kelly in here.
  10. Ahh, ok. No, a female Kelly. That would've been confusing for some when the pics are posted.
  11. funkyaudio

    funkyaudio Advocate (520) Illinois Feb 14, 2009 Verified

    Hint #2 my target is about a 15 hour drive from me
  12. It's not the wisest of ideas to shop for a BIF after consuming copious amounts of Parabola "tastings". This box got significantly heavier.

    Hint #4 my target has a wide variety of styles in their has/had/wants which makes bottle choices easy. However, their state has nearly the same distribution as California, which makes it hard to choose bottles.
  13. Since there's delayed gratification going on all over this BIF- us anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? I'm going out on a limb that everyone here will be drinking something interesting...
  14. BigGene

    BigGene Initiate (0) Florida Oct 30, 2010

    Heading to the Cigar City Brewery..... to well Drink and pick up some Brewery only love for my box. Oh and a Growler....
  15. Hint 7: the box will contain a math principle and the road to saint hood
  16. There aren't any "tion"s at the end of your beer names, are there?
  17. leschkie

    leschkie Advocate (535) California Jan 30, 2011 Verified

    Hint #2:

    Six degress of separation hint:
    leschkie --> MarkIntihar --> Kaydogg --> Alewatcher --> ________ --> ________ --> target

    And in honour of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, my target lives in a Union state or Union-controlled territory.

    I will be trekking down south the weekend after next to pick up some bottles and a growler that are on my target's wants list that isn't distro'd where I live (another hint maybe?), so most likely I will be sending out in ~2 weeks.
  18. Kern River Brewing for beer and dinner tonight, and then spending the next three days avoiding the work phone and doing as little as possible around the house (or until the tamed house dragon gives me a todo list).
  19. Starting here for lunch tomorrow and then drinking anything I want from his cellar (except three bottles he's hidden from us like a jerk) until we run out of beer/ die. Sunday-Monday will be spent in the country throwing sticks into the pond for the dogs to fight over. I need to find canned beers for that.

    I've got my shirt situation figured out, all I have to say is YOU better like 3 Floyds!
  20. Are you going to send out your box ahead of time, in case it's the latter option of "run out of beer/die"? You don't want to leave someone hanging.
  21. morimech

    morimech Champion (810) Minnesota Nov 6, 2006

    Being a previous participant in this great BIF, I feel kind of hurt that I was not notified of its renewal. But it does look like the MN BAs will absolutely kill it!
  22. BigGene

    BigGene Initiate (0) Florida Oct 30, 2010

    I am soooo bummed..... At Cigar City today I got growlers for this BIF and a Gallon of FLorida Cracker white ale for myself. Well the all 4 32 oz growlers made it home safe. The Gallon broke/exploded now my truck smells like beer. Guess Im spending Sunday shampooing the rug in my truck. Dam it.
  23. Sorry BigGene, that's a bummer. However, I'm sure a cop would totally believe you when you say the smell of beer is from the Cigar City car freshener you bought.
  24. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Advocate (590) Minnesota May 6, 2010 Verified

    I'm not going to pull hte "I posted a looking for interest thread" excuse, so I will say "I wil fo sho do another one of these, and will send you the message when I do.
  25. Ungertaker

    Ungertaker Advocate (540) Minnesota Apr 30, 2010 Verified

    another hint:

    My target has King Henry on his wants.
  26. Hint # 2

    My target has been in at least one other BIF/LIF with me....
  27. morimech

    morimech Champion (810) Minnesota Nov 6, 2006

    No worries. Actively looking how this turns out and looking forward to the next installment. I seldom look into trading threads anymore and I blame myself for missing this one.
  28. Ungertaker

    Ungertaker Advocate (540) Minnesota Apr 30, 2010 Verified

    And, thanks to a good buddy, said target will be receiving said beer!
  29. Thats not much of a hint. Considering nearly everyone who doesnt have a bottle already has it on their wants. ;)
  30. markasparov

    markasparov Savant (370) District of Columbia Mar 2, 2007 Verified

    Hint #1: Assuming my target is a fan of his/her local MLB team, (s)he's having an unhappier baseball season than I am, at least to this point.
  31. Ungertaker

    Ungertaker Advocate (540) Minnesota Apr 30, 2010 Verified

    Lol, I know. There were a couple that didn't have it, though. ;)
  32. Ungertaker

    Ungertaker Advocate (540) Minnesota Apr 30, 2010 Verified

    All four of us MN BAs could definitely be in this category.
  33. This could be me...especially since die hard Sox fans don't even like them right now. I'm more of a football fan, but you can't deny a day at Fenway is a good time.
  34. BigGene

    BigGene Initiate (0) Florida Oct 30, 2010

    box packed and ready to go.... But have to get it double boxed. it Is bursting at the seams. will deliver to UPS/ Fedex at lunch tomorrow.
  35. Axic10

    Axic10 Advocate (505) New Jersey Mar 15, 2008 Verified

    Can't wait to start seeing some of these hauls!
  36. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Advocate (590) Minnesota May 6, 2010 Verified

    biggene, thats awesome. Mine will go out on Monday, being the fact I had most of my targets wants in my cellar, cant decide if I should pull the trigger ont the 3 mo old top want of his signigicant other. Decisions, decisions.
  37. Axic10

    Axic10 Advocate (505) New Jersey Mar 15, 2008 Verified

    I was all ready to send out a shipper of beer, with the growler and swag following shortly. I then noticed that my target is provisional, d'oh!
  38. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Advocate (590) Minnesota May 6, 2010 Verified

    please follow the guidelines set if your target is provisional. It seems like a pain in the ass, but it is a much needed tool to help introduce new BA's to the world of Bifdom. If you must send that growler out tomorrow, send it to me and I will send one back.